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Specializing in European trends, you'll discover fashion easily adaptable to every aspect of your life. Have fun as you indulge in an extraordinary experience that will leave you ready to dress and stand out at work, for that special evening or event, and any other occasion that's important to you.​




"A big thanks to Suna who did a wonderful job! A few years ago I started to gain a lot of weight due to some health issues. I no longer knew how to dress, how to show off, it was depressing. Suna taught me what my body shape was, what cut and style of clothing that will fit me the best, which color palette matches my skin tone, and finally how to put on makeup. She does a wonderful job because she shows discerning ladies like me that we are beautiful. Nothing like a good dose of self-confidence!


Unique European flavor making fashion and styling easier by putting clothes and accessories together in a way that makes you feel more confident and radiant.

With my experiences in fashion photoshoots and as a visual merchandiser, I will ensure that every detail counts. 


Dress and feel your best as we analyze the morphology and flattering colors for your body shape, makeup, and hair. Become more confident, satisfied, and sophisticated by making the right choices when it comes to how you should represent yourself during business and pleasure.

"We know who we are, but we ignore what we can be..."

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Suna Myles is a sparkling, honest, inspiring woman who is passionate about her profession. She was able to give me precious advice and concrete tools that allow me a great step forward in a healing process. Today, I feel more confident and empowered. I'm very grateful to her. We started slowly, with online interviews, weekly support, and personalized advice (self-knowledge, time management, suggested reading, etc.). Thus began a great adventure: - makeup, basic course online - haircut and color, performed by a hairdresser - sorting of dress grade - colorimetry and accompanied shopping - construction and management of an effective wardrobe (personal style with a trendy touch, matching clothes adapted to my personality), and sports and nutrition coaching.


I particularly appreciate the humility of this high-level professional recognized in the world of fashion. She is not an advocate of the media's image of the “ideal woman”. On the contrary, Suna Myles proposes to help improve the woman that we are, taking into account our personality, our look, our morphology, our emotions, our professional environment, our family and social reality, our needs, our desires ... I can only highly recommend her services. In addition to achieving your goals, you will have a great time with her.



Suna shows a great capacity to analyze and put the real value on our style and personality. In addition, to do my make-up and learn how to dress, my coaching with Suna was completed with personal development exercises. She sincerely helped me during a difficult personal transition period and allowed me to gain confidence with effective tools to be able to reach my goals. In summary, I would say that Suna works on both our inner and outer beauty. Thank you so much !

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